About us

Our story

Our native English speaking founders discovered that together, they can make a difference in the way that the English language is taught, learnt and applied in Tunisia. Whether it is for individuals, students or businesses, our founders created ELC Group to fulfill their collective passion in providing people with confidence and hope for a positive future through the English language.  

Our team consists of passionate and professional individuals who have many years of experience in providing and supporting English language learning and development in Europe, the United Kingdom, North America and Tunisia.

Our commitment 

to you

No matter what service you engage with at ELC Group, our international team works hard to ensure the following principles are applied in every situation with every client.


You are not just a number to us. We value everyone and treat them with dignity, considering your individual needs and how we can meet them.  


We care about our clients and their goals, the quality of services we provide and about creating meaningful connection with each person we come into contact with.


Acting with strong ethics is a priority for everyone representing ELC Group; building trust through our words, actions, responsible decisions and honest relationships.


In all we do, we act in a transparent, trustworthy manner staying true to the words we speak to colleagues, clients and our community.


We take time to develop every service with care and consideration of your needs to help you reach your learning and business goals.


Our team cares about the details we provide. From scheduling meetings, to course registration, you can trust that we will follow through with what we say and do.

ELC Learning Centre

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