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ELC Group provides English language support and consulting in Monastir, the Sahel region and Tunisia more broadly. 

From the casual English learner who seeks an opportunity to practise their English, to the job applicant who needs to reach a particular English proficiency for their career, to the business professional seeking a native English tone for their marketing, ELC offers a variety of accessible consulting services and courses throughout the year.

High Quality

We provide the highest-quality language learning and consulting services to our clients and students with excellent customer service.


ELC offers an engaging experience that builds confidence in speaking, understanding and improving your English.


Our courses are designed to assess your needs and track your progress based on the British English curriculum levels of expectations.


Our team cares about the details we provide. From scheduling meetings, to course registration, you can trust that we will follow through with what we say and do.

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Are you a business looking for English training?

We offer tailored packages.

ELC Group provides tailored English courses and consulting services for businesses looking to provide English training to their employees. We do this by having a detailed consultation with you to find out exactly what you are looking for and matching our services to your specific needs.

At your service.

Whatever the English language goals are for your team, we will help to develop an English package which best meets your needs and which can be delivered to you locally in Monastir, or at your offices directly.

Why choose ELC for your business?

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ELC Group is a registered Formation Continue.

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ELC Group is registered with the CNFCPP Malek platform.